Saturday, 9 August 2008

One down Two to go

There are probably not going to be many times we can relax during this week. Today at least we have a bit of time to put our feet up and take in the racing around us. Yesterday we raced in the opening heat of our event in the coxless fours against Italy, USA, China and Belarus. Race went to plan and we were able to come away with a win opening up about 2.3sec on Italy by the finish. Repercharge is on Monday for those crews not already through to the semis but we'll next be racing at around 4:30pm next Wednesday, about 9:30am UK time.


Alan White said...

Like a well oiled machine, all of you were in great form coming across the finish line in 1st! Nice work!!!! No more sand bagging :-) Time for GOLD! Good luck! I will be pulling for you.

--Alan White Raleigh,NC USA

nmgs said...

Good Luck to you and all the GB crews at the weekend!

Union Jack is flying over Putney embankment :)

Nicky Smith